Take a leap of good taste and come discover
the refreshing flavours of the world.


Take a leap of good taste and come discover
the refreshing flavours of the world.



Fedora brings to you the best of Spain by harvesting & pressing from the freshest of Olive farms! What’s better? It comes in two variants, Extra Virgin & Extra Light to cater to your specific cooking needs and make your food taste its scintillating best!

A fit and healthy life is the need of the hour and we’re on the brink of losing sight of these needs in our daily rush. A simple lifestyle change can change things drastically and can help us aid us in this quest for fitness and health.

Fedora comes loaded with Omega 9 (Mufa) that help in the continual pursuit of eliminating bad cholesterol from the body. It is also enriched with vital anti-oxidants like Vitamin A, D, E, K and B-carotene that regulate blood flow, pressure and help our immunity system fight against all invasions with all guns blazing!


Fabian Jose Sanz a.k.a Fabio is a responsible traveller and trader. He descends from a Spanish scholar family and is an advocate of leading a healthy life style. Through generations, the Sanz family has been imparting knowledge about being healthy and utilising one’s self to the optimum level to stay at the helm of things at all times.

He’s on a mission to make this world a healthy place to live in and his first chapter begins right here, in India. He has noticed through his voyages that Indians suffer from a plethora of heart diseases thanks to cholesterol, obesity and over abuse of fats in Indian food.

Here’s a short excerpt from a recent press conference he gave –

“Indian food is by far the tastiest of all cuisines I’ve tasted. It looks fetching and definitely has a lot of heart and soul in it. As good as these foods taste, they come at a cost. They have an excess amount of unwanted fats and cholesterol in them.



Pundits have categorized Olive Oil as the “default” healthy fat loaded with beneficial fatty acids and powerful antioxidants.Olive oil has been a dietary staple for some of the world’s healthiest populations. Fedora is made from the world’s finest olive farms and is probably the best Olive oil in the market right now! We have curated some Fedora delicacies from varied styles of cuisines to delight your taste buds. Have a look & cook up a delicious storm in your kitchen!



Kaleesuwari Refinery Private Limited.

53, Rajasekaran Street,
(Opp. Kalyani Hospital, Radhakrishnan Salai),
Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004 .
Toll-Free: 1800 3000 3999

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Fedora Olive Oil

Every plate. Every bite. Every meal is now an opportunity to rejuvenate and re energize yourself! ...

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